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In most cases, a power jigsaw is a portable electric tool. For obvious reasons, in our ranking of the best electric jigsaws of 2022, you can find a wide range of budget and semi-professional tools with the best price / quality ratio. The compact solutions below are suitable for cutting different materials. Obviously, the main advantage of this technique is its ease of transportation not only between the working area, but also in different places in general. However, for long-term work, such solutions are not suitable, unlike stationary models. This is important to consider. At the same time, even the lightest solutions are quite difficult to hold in hands as part of lengthy work.

The Best Power JigSaws Consumer Report 2022

1. BLACK+DECKER Smart Select Jig Saw

Consumer Reports-Best Power JigSaw

The Jigsaw Black & Decker SMART SELECT is a convenient and practical tool with the simplest setup. Providing you with high powered motor, this jigsaw has a faster cutting capacity. In this, you will find a dust blower that allows you to keep the working area clean for clear visibility. Moreover, it has an adjustable shoe that makes it effective to maintain its strength.

It has an attractive look and comes in a modern design. Furthermore, it comes with an easy blade changing process and is a user-friendly product. Curve Control technology which allows you to adjust the saw’s orbit in 1 of 4 customized settings. It comes with a new wire shield that assures excellent cuts. It is extremely light in weight and is small in size. This is durable and is affordable.


  • Suitable control system and durable.
  • Innovative look and user friendly.
  • Lightweight and heavy performance.

2. DEWALT 20V Max Jig Saw

Consumer Reports-Best Power JigSaw

DeWALT electric jigsaw looks solid, build quality is up to par. Jigsaw is perfectly balanced. During the sawing of a sheet of 18 mm plywood, the jigsaw did not dare to slip out of the circle, it did not chat, the cut turned out to be even. Replacing the blade does not cause any difficulties.

Just pull the large metal lever on the front of the jigsaw and the blade will fall out. It is very convenient to hold and control, the tool easily moves exactly where you are pointing it. The tool also rotates splendidly, much better than the Metabo STA 18 LTX, which was recognized by many sites as the best jigsaw of the past year.

The trigger with smooth adjustment allows you to fully control the power of the tool, it can be called very sensitive. A switch is located on the left side of the jigsaw, which allows you to select one of 4 web paths. On the right is a switch that activates the blowing of sawdust from the working area. The jigsaw stop is made of metal, its tilt angle is adjustable within 0-45 degrees with intermediate fixation at 15 and 30 degrees. This jigsaw comes with a keyless blade and is suitable for multiple tasks.

In our humble opinion, this jigsaw will become a real leader among all 18/20-volt tools of this class. The only gripe in the direction of this model is the lack of LED backlight. Furthermore, in this, you will find an easy blade changing system that enables you to perform better. This is an ideal replacement for your old saw.


  • Keyless blade for efficient working.
  • User friendly and long lasting.
  • Innovative design with strong construction

3. PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw

Consumer Reports-Best Power JigSaw

This jigsaw is capable of providing accurate and clean cuts when working with various types of wood, plastic and metal. This comes in great quality and never compromises when it comes to performance. This jigsaw comes with a powerful motor and works in an effective way. Moreover, it is extremely lightweight and is durable. This is easy to hold as it comes with an easy gripping handle at the top.

It is a user-friendly product that allows you to use a different material. Furthermore, it has an attractive construction and modern design. This comes with an affordable price tag. This is an ideal replacement for an old saw. In this, you will find an excellent trigger speed control system. This product is small in size and consumes less space for storage.


  • Powerful motor for efficient working.
  • Modern construction and long lasting.
  • Portable and easy to store.

4. SKIL Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw

Consumer Reports-Best Power JigSaw

Made with a powerful motor, this jigsaw is suitable for multiple projects. Ergonomics during the development of the model was thought through very carefully, so it is convenient to hold the jigsaw in your hands, palms and fingers will not get tired even after prolonged use. It comes with a protective design that prevents the blade from damaging the material. In this, you will find a trigger system that allows you to set the speed of the blade as per your preference. Moreover, it is light in weight and is durable.

Furthermore, this is affordable and has a capacity of heavy performance. The jigsaw is very comfortable in the hand due to the rubberized handles. In this, you will find a laser guide that enables you to get an accurate cut. This comes with a 4-position rotating cut control system that allows you to have smooth cuts. This is easy to grip and is small in size.


  • Laser guide for efficient functioning.
  • Small in size and easy to store.
  • Attractive look and modern construction.

5. Ryobi Cordless Orbital Jigsaw

Consumer Reports-Best Power JigSaw

This is one of the toughest cordless tools in Ryobi’s 18V lineup. Providing you with the different orbital setting, this jigsaw is ideal for multiple projects. It comes with a dust blower system that allows you to have a clean and transparent work area for better visibility. Moreover, it has an LED light that lets you have an accurate and smooth cutting at night. This is extremely lightweight and is convenient to use.

Furthermore, this has a trigger-lock system that allows you to control your cuts as per your preference. This is durable and performs heavily. It has a contemporary construction that makes it attractive. It is small in size and allows you to store it in a small space.


  • Faster cut and efficient working.
  • Lightweight and long lasting.
  • Ideal locking system for heavy performance.

Rating of The Best Power JigSaw In 2022



Our Rating


BLACK+DECKER Smart Select Jig Saw



DEWALT 20V Max Jig Saw



PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw



SKIL Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw



Ryobi Cordless Orbital Jigsaw



Like most electric tools, these products can be divided into two significant groups – these are household and professional equipment. Products intended for home use are characterized by low cost, but at the same time they have a limited resource of work and low power. Professional products will cost much more, but it is much more reliable, so these models can work without interruption for a long time.

A key design element is the saw blade, which is mounted on a special rod located in the front of the tool. It is driven by an electric motor, which gives it significant acceleration. The cutting line is formed due to the execution of reciprocating movements in the vertical direction. Almost all modern models have a switchable pendulum movement function, due to which the canvas moves not only up and down, but also back and forth.

According to users, this tool is not too complicated – an electric motor that transmits torque to the saw blade is the main element, in addition, there are a number of additional parts that provide comfortable operation and safe work with the tool. The saw blade is a consumable; as the file wears out, it will need to be changed.

Jigsaws differ from each other in the way of clamping the file – it can be block, screw and keyless. In the first case, the canvas is installed using a special pad in which a special slot is made. It is fixed with a few bolts. The screw system is similar to that already considered, but in this case only one screw is used. The quick-clamping system does not need to attract an additional tool, since fastening is carried out using only one lever.

Another important detail is the sole of the tool – it can be cast or stamped. Cast turns out much stronger, well withstands physical loads on the tool, due to which the quality of cut is much improved. Stamped soles deform much more easily under the influence of both physical and dynamic loads.

Naturally, the performance of this tool will be directly affected by engine power. In particular, equipment with a power of 600 W can easily saw a wooden board up to 8 cm thick or cope with a steel sheet up to 8 mm thick. When choosing products for inclusion in our rating of the best jigsaws, we took into account all the points discussed above, and also took into account the ratio of price and quality of products, user reviews. We tried to make a review of models that were not in the most expensive price range, so that most of our readers could find this tool within their means. Now is the time to start analyzing specific products.

Obviously, the choice of such a tool depends on the user’s goals. If you do not know how to choose a jigsaw, try to decide for yourself how often you are going to use the equipment, and for which work. The choice of a number of parameters depends on this:

  1. Rated power – it’s worth mentioning right away that this characteristic determines exclusively the amount of consumed electricity necessary for the operation of a jigsaw no more. For domestic use, even enough in the region of 600 watts.
  2. Turnovers – the stroke frequency can vary over a wide range depending on the tasks set. It is important that the ability to adjust the speed was provided. Another useful option is a soft start.
  3. Pendulum move – the four-stroke solutions that provide up / down, forward / backward movement are most popular today. This increases the scope of operation and extends the service life.
  4. Handle – models with a D-shaped handle are considered popular. They can be operated with one hand. Alternatives are models with a rounded holder, but they are less commonly used in everyday life.
  5. Additional modules – well, if the device has a protective shield rubber handle, case included. But it all costs extra.


Our rating of the best power jigsaws is nearing completion. For each model, we tried to collect the maximum amount of information available and present it to our readers in the most accessible form so that they can choose the most suitable model for themselves.

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