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Our life is gaining more and more comfort, he did not bypass the theme of modern office desks for. Their range has expanded, and now you can meet not only rectangular-classical, but also meet the various interests and personalities of the consumer.

For offices, you need a serious option, with the ability to install a monitor and the location of the necessary documents.

These are options from a combination of table-tops and tables with the actual working surface, with holes for numerous wires.

They can be located in various combinations. Mandatory special convenient shelf, preferably on wheels, for the system unit and the possibility of ventilation.

List of The Best Office Desks

The Best Modern Office Desks Consumer Report 2022

1. Tribesigns Modern Office Desk, Simple Style Computer Desk

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Consumer Reports-Best Modern Office Desk

This desk has a teak finish on the desktop with black legs. The top of the desk is made of laminated MDF and is waterproof and scratchproof. It has a maximum weight capacity of 900 pounds. This desk from Tribesigns has adjustable leg pads for stability on different surfaces. The Tribesigns Modern computer desk has a simple design that works well in a home office, dorm, or professional setting.

2. Zinus Jennifer Modern Studio Collection Soho Desk

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Consumer Reports-Best Modern Office Desk

The desk comes with everything needed for assembly and can be put together and ready to use in very little time. This simple desk is ideal for a dorm, small office, or other room where space is limited. This desk from Zinus has a sturdy steel frame and a durable desktop that’s easy to wipe clean as needed. The Zinus Jennifer Modern Studio Collection Soho Desk has a sleek design with a beautiful espresso finish.

3. Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk

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Consumer Reports-Best Modern Office Desk

The desk has a solid metal frame and can hold up to 900 pounds. It’s easy to assemble and can be ready to use in around 15 minutes. The desk works well for taller people and provides plenty of space underneath. This desk has black legs with a teak finish on the desktop. This 63″ desk from Tribesigns is ideal for those seeking adding workspace with a modern appeal.

4. Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk

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Consumer Reports-Best Modern Office Desk

The desktop is durable and can support a maximum weight of 900 pounds. This desk can be used as computer desk, office workstation, meeting desk, study table, writing desk, gaming desk etc. The leg pads are adjustable so you can make the desk level on nearly any type of flooring. This desk also comes in several other colors. The Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk has an all black finish for a modern look. This desk from Tribesigns is easy to assemble.

5. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk

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Consumer Reports-Best Modern Office Desk

It comes with a free CPU stand that allows you to remain organized. The desktop is wide to provide you with plenty of workspace for multiple monitors or other items you need to keep within arm’s reach. Also, the desk is a perfect choice when looking for one that is built to last since it features a steel frame and steel legs. You can get the desk when looking for one that is safe to use in any office due to the E1-class environment protection particle board that assures you of safety. The Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk fits easily into a corner of your office.

6. Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk

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Consumer Reports-Best Modern Office Desk

It has a sturdy steel frame and is able to hold up to 450 pounds of work essentials. Whats more is that it features an L-shape corner design. This assures you of getting plenty of space so that you can use it for computer work, writing, and home office activities. The workspace is large enough to hold multiple monitors, a printer, and other equipment. It can easily fit into a corner to save space in your office. It includes a matching CPU stand.This desk from is easy to assemble.

7. OFM ESS-1002-DWD Essentials ESS-1002 2-Drawer Office Desk

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Consumer Reports-Best Modern Office Desk

The desktop has a realistic wood grain look with a subtle texture. The durable top is 0.7″ thick with a realistic wood-grain look and subtle texture, with an ample 18 7/8″ x 43 7/8″ desk surface gives you plenty of room to work, study or create. The OFM Essentials 2-drawer desk comes in a beautiful driftwood finish. This desk has a clean design that maximizes the space underneath your desk for a large desk chair or extra storage. The 2 drawers give you added storage space for pens, papers, or other essential items. This desk from OFM has a powder coated steel frame for durability.

8. L-Shaped Computer Desk

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Consumer Reports-Best Modern Office Desk

This corner desk is made with high quality boards and has steel legs for durability. Also, the desk assures you of getting an easy to install desk since it features a flexible configuration that allows you to assemble the L shape on the right or left side. This desk has plenty of open storage for books, multiple monitors, and other items. It also has a slide-out keyboard tray for convenience.

9. Yaheetech Simple Computer Desk

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Consumer Reports-Best Modern Office Desk

The desk has a strong tabletop to provide you with a sturdy workspace. Spacious desktop can easily accommodate monitors, speakers, keyboards, tablets or a sewing machine, TV, etc. It has a rectangular shape with simple lines to give your workspace a modern and sleek look. The frame is durable and made of steel. This desk from Yaheetech has a white frame with a black top that can be wiped clean as needed. The Yaheetech Simple Computer Desk has a simple design and is compact in size so you can use it in smaller offices.

10. Teraves Reversible L-Shaped Desk

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Consumer Reports-Best Modern Office Desk

Improve your home or office environment with Teraves Modern L-Shaped desk. It includes a free CPU stand that matches the desk. Designed with adjustable leg pads is helpful for you to balance the desk on the uneven floor, and it also can protect the floor from scratch. This desk has a steel frame and can hold up to 450 pounds. The desk comes with 3 pieces so you can assemble it in the way that best fits in your office. This desk from Teraves has adjustable legs pads so you can make it level on any surface. The Teraves Reversible L-Shaped Desk is convenient for use in a corner or other smaller office space.

List of the 10 Best Modern Office Desks in 2022:





Tribesigns Modern Office Desk, Simple Style Computer Desk



Zinus Jennifer Modern Studio Collection Soho Desk



Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk



Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk



Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk



Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk



OFM ESS-1002-DWD Essentials ESS-1002 2-Drawer Office Desk



L-Shaped Computer Desk



Yaheetech Simple Computer Desk



Teraves Reversible L-Shaped Desk


By functionality, computer desks are:

  • for work in the office;
  • for work at home;
  • for students;
  • for standing use;
  • for bloggers;
  • for games on the computer;
  • for not frequent home use.

The width and height of the office desk should be sufficient so as not to lose sight and not to acquire scoliosis.

Criteria for choosing a modern office desk


The material for the manufacture of office desks are:

  • solid wood. One of the most environmentally friendly types of material with natural beauty. But it requires accuracy when using and maintaining. This is a more expensive type of product, which is characterized by durability, aesthetic appearance, tactilely pleasant. Top coated with a special protective layer of varnish.
  • Veneer. Products from veneer look attractive and beautiful. This is an alternative to expensive wood options. A thin wooden plate is glued to a cheaper base material. Such tables are much cheaper, but in appearance they do not differ from those made of solid wood.
  • Metal, steel. The most durable structures are made of metal. Such tables differ in appearance from the classic, but their big plus is the ability to withstand significant loads and loyal value. Top have a multi-colored coating that can be chosen to taste or, respectively, the interior.
  • Glass. Also applies to environmentally friendly materials. Glass countertops are very beautiful in the interior and visually increase the space. They are resistant to excessive moisture and scratches, but require accuracy and additional care with special products. Glass models are not desirable in a house with young children due to their injury hazard. Although manufacturers provide high impact resistance of such models.
  • Plastic. Suitable for making table tops. Such a model will be lightweight, with a choice of different colors, easy to care for, not expensive. But this material does not withstand scratches, heavy loads. The operation of such a product will not be long-term.
  • Chipboard. Laminated chipboard. A budget option that externally imitates wooden products due to veneer coating. They can also be covered with plastic. They require accuracy, they do not like moisture and mechanical damage. This is a practical, budget option, which requires a careful attitude.
  • Fibreboard – wood-fiber board. It is obtained by wet pressing of wood fibers, with a different facial coating. The bottom or back walls of drawers, cabinets, cabinets are made of fiberboard.
  • MDF. Wood material obtained by dry pressing small chips. MDF worktops will be slightly more expensive than those made from chipboard or fiberboard, but more environmentally friendly and practical.

Environmental class

When using furniture, its safety is important – the level of toxicity released by the material.

This usually happens due to substances present in the composition of the material (binders) or their use in production (glue, protective layers, varnishes). Such furniture gives off an unpleasant odor and negatively affects health.


The criterion for choosing the dimensions of the table will be the possibilities of space and the functional requirements for it.

The form

In the form of office desks are:

  • rectangular or linear – this is a classic version of the table, familiar to us as written for the student. These models can be installed in the corner of the room or against the wall. They are stable and simple. Rectangular with a recess in the middle. These are convenient for prolonged use, as there is the possibility of simultaneously placing elbows on the table. This relieves the stress on the hands and they are less tired. On a large work surface you can place all the PC hardware.
  • Corner The table tops of such tables are made in the form of a triangle. They are designed for installation in a corner, usually do not take up much space. Convenient for placing one elbow on the surface.
  • L-shaped. A kind of corner tables, one side of which is longer than the other. Or consisting of two modules in the form of the letter L. For such models, the area of ​​use increases: there is enough space for the location of the necessary lighting devices, devices, stationery, headset. Convenient to work both in the office and at home. But they require a lot of space. With their help, you can divide the room into zones.
  • U- and T-shaped. They can be assembled from separate modules of linear tables, in the required quantity or made as a stationary model. Computer tables of this kind are preferable in the office room for holding meetings, meetings, collective gatherings. In household use, they do not represent value in view of the inappropriateness and “eating” of a large area.

L-and U-shaped tables with increased working area involve the placement of several computer monitors or PC devices.

The shape can be with right angles, beveled, rounded, with straight sides, arched, with recesses in the middle part, with platforms for elbows.


Modern desks are equipped with shelves of different types:

  • open – for quick access to things, office;
  • retractable on casters – keyboard shelves;
  • retractable or stationary – with a compartment for the system unit;
  • add-ons – for speakers, SD, peripherals, monitor, books;
  • closed – with or without a door, on casters.

They are located above, below, or to the side of the table.


The legs of the table, made in the form of wheels, provide additional convenience for moving in the event of cleaning, changing its place, or other movements.

Do not go further since these desks combine style, function, durability, and convenience in one unit. A modern office desk is ideal for those who prefer a minimalist look in their workspace. The desks feature a durable and stylish design, while they are designed to provide you with ample working space so that you can be sure to work conveniently.

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