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It is almost impossible to do without a cutting board in the kitchen. Despite the fact that there are modern tables that are not afraid of the effects of knife blades, few people want to dirty them again. Our experts got acquainted with a huge number of options, studied user reviews, and ranked the top 10 cutting boards.

How to choose a cutting board

  1. Destination. Ideally, you need to have at least four boards: for meat, fish, bread, as well as vegetables, fruits and boiled foods. Thermally unprocessed meat and fish contain microorganisms that, when ingested, can cause various diseases. Boards for fish usually have a more elongated shape to make it easier to cut. Vegetables, fruits, for example, beets can stain the board and leave a smell, so cutting bread on such a surface is not recommended, for this you should purchase a separate model.
  2. Material. Depending on the products, we choose the material. For meat it is better to buy a board made of bamboo or from other hardwoods. For fish, an option made of artificial material, preferably one that does not absorb odors, such as glass or food plastic, is suitable. For vegetables, fruits and boiled foods, you can choose a board from both natural and artificial materials. Bakery products can also be cut on both wooden and plastic / glass cutting boards.
  3. The size. Convenience of slicing directly depends on the size. The largest piece should fit on the board. For example, when buying a model for cutting fish, look at how long it is. Do not purchase a product that is significantly smaller than a whole fish of the species that you usually prefer to cook (salmon, herring, chum salmon, etc.).
  4. Functionality. Some models have a pen that allows you to move the board from place to place. But now its presence is not so relevant, since modern square, rectangular, round and oval versions have protrusions, recesses, etc., which is easy to grasp with your hand. But a hole for hanging and a groove for collecting fluid are necessary. In the first case, you can place the board on the kitchen hook to keep it always at hand, and secondly, do not stain the surface of the table, since all the juice will gather in a special recess, which usually runs along the entire perimeter. When buying a board made of sliding material (glass, plastic), choose a product with special rubberized legs that allow you to fix the board on the table.
  5. Blade protection. The knife blade is dull not only from cutting products, but also from contact with the cutting board, therefore, to extend the life of sharpening, choose models from certain materials: soft and hard wood, end board (monolith from small glued wood pieces, refers to professional cook equipment ), thick plastic (polypropylene, vinyl plastic, polyamide, etc.). Boards made of artificial stone, glass and thin cheap plastic quickly blunt the blade. Remember that glass models cannot be cut with ceramic knives.

The 10 Best Cutting Boards Consumer Report


Greener Chef Bamboo Cutting Board & Wood Chopping Board

Editors Rating
Consumer Reports-Best Cutting Boards

The material used in construction is very safe since it has no toxins or chemicals that can contaminate the food. This antimicrobial cutting board is safe with antibacterial properties. It has very noticeable features such as deep drip grooves, smooth corners, and the thickness.

– The natural material used in construction make it safe to use with food.
– It is lightweight yet very durable
– It is easy to clean it
– It has non-slip bottom thus making it safe to use.


Cooler kitchen Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats

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Consumer Reports-Best Cutting Boards

They hav4r antimicrobial protection that helps to keep away odor causing bacteria and growth of stains. The bottoms have a textured waffle that makes them non-slip. These lightweight flexible cutting mats are sized 11.5 X 15 and are color coded for different food groups to help prevent cross-contamination or to help your family keep kosher. The cutting boards come in a set of four mats that are thick, strong and very durable.

– The mats are flexible since they can be curled and also durable
– They are non-stick and resistant to odor thus keeping them hygienic.
– Have food icons


Home Organics 3-Piece, Non-Slip Premium Moso Bamboo Cutting Board Set

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Consumer Reports-Best Cutting Boards

The price is cheap since they are inexpensive. They are a perfect choice for any kitchen since they blend well with any dГ©cor. Each cutting board features non-slip silicone stoppers for easier and safer cutting. The three pieces are all in different sizes. They are stronger than cutting boards made with hardwoods.

– Features silicone stoppers to make them non-slip
– Washed in a dishwasher for easy cleaning
– They are in compact size thus easy to store away when not in use.


Original Gorilla Set of 3 Non-Slip Reversible Cutting Boards

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Consumer Reports-Best Cutting Boards

It offers cutting boards that are different sized and yet of the same quality and a budget friendly price. They are thicker and larger than most other cutting boards and contain deep grooves to catch juices so your countertop stays clean. No maintenance is required such as oiling before use. For people who need different chopping board for various uses, this set is the go to on the market. The do not cause any harm to your knives.

– They are thicker for durability and strength,
– They all have deep juice groove to catch juices from the food so as to keeps the counter surfaces clean.
– They are non-porous and do not crack, peel or splinter.
– They can be used on both sides since they are reversible


Midori way Small Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

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Consumer Reports-Best Cutting Boards

It has features that make it perfect for use in any kitchen. This two-colored, grooved organic cutting board makes a great gift idea. They include the juice groove, it is gentle on knives, and it is naturally resistant to bacteria. It is firmly constructed with bamboo. This also guarantees the user that the cutting board is lightweight and durable.

– It comes in a compact size thus easy to handle and store
– The materials used is 100% natural
– It does not require any maintenance just cleaning it after use.


Premium Bamboo Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

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Consumer Reports-Best Cutting Boards

The thickness and durability of the board meet all your chopping needs. Deep run-off well collects juices that release from meats, fruit and vegetables, eliminating countertop messes. It is made with bamboo that is very eco-friendly and safe to use for your food. The quality is just excellent thus offering the best to the user. This cutting board comes in an extra-large size that provides more space.

– It is thick and sturdy as compared to other cutting boards.
– Able to resistant warping and splintering
– It absorbs less water hence fewer cases of cross contamination.


Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board

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Consumer Reports-Best Cutting Boards

The cutting board has a hole that you can use to hang it for storage when it is not being used. These boards are made with a non-porous wood fiber composite from trees harvested under guidelines of the North America Sustainable Forestry Standards. The cutting surface is large enough to hold extra food. No maintenance is needed on this cutting board; all one needs is to keep it clean. It comes in a sleek design thus perfect match to any kitchen.

– It Is temperature resistant up to 350 degrees
– It is easy to handle and also clean
– Materials used are environmentally friendly.
– It is knife friendly since it does not cause knives to be blunt


Kitchen Cutting Board Set of 4 Reversible Boards by kitchen chef international

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Consumer Reports-Best Cutting Boards

This set has a built-in antimicrobial protection that prevents molds, mildew, odor and stain. These boards are designed to be used on both sides, which means you have twice the lifespan of a normal cutting board. The user also enjoys a bonus of a free ceramic knife that is medium sized. The knife has a cover that keeps it protected. This set offers four different colored cutting boards at a very reasonable price.

– They can be used on both sides making them more durable.
– The user gets a ceramic knife that remains sharp for a long time.
– The boards can be to withstand temperatures of up to 110 degrees


Dutis 3-Piece Dishwasher Safe Plastic Cutting Board Set

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Consumer Reports-Best Cutting Boards

The flat surface is large enough thus providing enough room to hold food. They have rubber feet that are very convenient since they prevent the boards from sliding when chopping food. Large and comfortable carrying handles that make transporting your cutting boards between your cutting station and stove very easy. From this set, the user gets three different sized cutting boards that are all thick and ready for any task.

– They have non-slip feet for extra grip and stability
– The drip juice groove keeps that surfaces where they are used clean.
– Dishwasher safe
– They all have large carrying handles for extra comfort


Chef Remi Cutting Board

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Consumer Reports-Best Cutting Boards

The smooth finish that it has makes it durable and also stylish. It can be cleaned easily since you can hand wash it after use. The juice canal keeps the user and the surface protected from drips that can be messy. It does not absorb raw juices. This kitchen appliance has a protective coating that makes it antibacterial and antimicrobial in nature.

– It is made of hardwood that is considered stronger than plastic and bamboo
– It has a non-slip design thus avoids accidents in the kitchen
– Keeps your blade protected since one does not cause it to be blunt

Getting a high-quality cutting board is important. All these cutting boards that we have named for you should be top in your shopping list. This will guarantee you get the best on the market. It will save you time and money when shopping. A good cutting board should meet your cutting and chopping needs without cracking or wearing out.
They are all of excellent quality and will not disappoint you at all. This allows them to meet the needs of the wide variety of customers.

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