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The trimmer, like a razor, is used to trim, align and modify the beard, as well as the mustache. There is a large assortment of these products: with nozzles that operate on battery or from the mains, with the possibility of washing under running water, etc. To make the choice of a trimmer pay off 100%, it is recommended that you select several options before buying, examine their pros and cons. This will help the top best devices for hair care on the face and body.

Stylish beard and well-groomed mustache give the modern man an attractive and neat look.

Trimmer – a device that will help provide the necessary facial care.

It will remove hair even in hard to reach places – around the ears and nose.

How to choose the right one?

On the market, consumers are presented with a large selection of trimmers from different manufacturers. To purchase a device that does its job perfectly, it is important to pay attention to several characteristics.

These include:

  • power;
  • duration of work without recharging;
  • type of blades;
  • the ability to adjust the length of the haircut;
  • the presence of additional features.

Models from different manufacturers have both their advantages and disadvantages.

The Best Beard Trimmers Consumer Report 2022

In this rating, we have put together the best models for you in terms of price, quality and reliability.

1 Philips OneBlade QP2520/20

Consumer Reports-Best Beard Trimmers

A model created using the most modern technologies is able to cope with hair of any length.

Several nozzles that allow you to choose the optimal length of the beard and mustache.

A fast moving cutting unit can handle hair of any length. Double blade protection for maximum comfort.

The sealed enclosure makes it possible to use the device even while taking a shower. A powerful battery allows you to use up to 1 hour without the need for recharging.

– power – battery;
– number of nozzles – 3 pcs.;
– number of length settings – 4;
– blade material – stainless steel;
– independent work time – 45 min .;
– additional equipment – no.

2 Braun BT 3040

Consumer Reports-Best Beard Trimmers

A model that allows you to create the perfect look without visiting a barbershop. Sharp stainless steel knives cut even very stiff bristles.

Built-in indicators allow you to monitor the battery level. Several nozzles make it possible to create a stylish look with a beard of any length from 1 to 20 mm.

Using a trimmer without a nozzle, you can create the effect of light unshaven with a bristle of 0.5 mm.

A powerful battery provides the device with about 1 hour of trouble-free operation.

– power – battery;
– number of nozzles – 2 pcs.;
– number of length settings – 39;
– blade material – stainless steel;
– independent work time – 60 min .;
– optional equipment – cleaning brush, Gillette shaving machine.

3 Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper

Consumer Reports-Best Beard Trimmers

This product is actually two trimmers, each with a different size blade. It’s basic, but it’s a hard worker whenever you need it. For trimming, shaping, or contouring, it’s tops. The Wahl Lithium Ion clipper kit includes: multi-cut clipper, blade guard, detail battery trimmer, blade guard, soft storage case, 2 hair clips, barber comb, styling comb, cleaning brush, blade oil, scissors, barber cape, 14 guide combs, left ear taper, right ear taper, eyebrow guide, ear trim guide, full color English and Spanish instructions. It’s only made for American outlets.

– 2 Hour Run Time
– 10 Minute Quick Charge For Instant Power
– 3-5 Hour Charge

4 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

Consumer Reports-Best Beard Trimmers

A versatile model that combines the functions of a razor and trimmer, provides a perfectly smooth shave and neat beard and mustache contours.

Several nozzles and length selection options allow you to create any look.

The waterproof housing makes it possible to use the trimmer while taking a shower.

Any replaceable cartridge from this series is suitable for this device. The floating working head cuts hair clean even in the most inaccessible places.

– power – a network;
– number of nozzles – 4 pcs.;
– number of length settings – 3;
– blade material – stainless steel;
– independent work time – 60 min .;
– additional equipment – shaving gel, razor head.

5Philips Norelco Beard & Head trimmer Series 5100

Consumer Reports-Best Beard Trimmers

This is another good one for performance as well as value. Not only is it powerful, but it also has four different trimmer attachments for different lengths of trim. Innovative lift and trim technology effectively lifts and guides hairs for a more efficient cut. It’s also totally washable and will snap to work at the touch of a button.

– Battery type: Lithium-ion
– Battery indicator
– Run time: Up to 70 minutes
– Charging: 1 hour full charge
– Self-sharpening steel blades
– Skin-friendly blades
– 5 year warranty offer
– Fully washable

6 Braun BT 5070

Consumer Reports-Best Beard Trimmers

A model with several nozzles and a large number of installations allows you to simulate the shape of a beard of any length.

The unique comb cutting technique makes it possible to cut bristles, performing simple, sliding movements.

The built-in indicator will tell you about the need to recharge the battery.

Stainless steel knives and a sealed case make it possible to clean the trimmer under running water.

– power – battery;
– number of nozzles – 3 pcs.;
– number of length settings – 25;
– blade material – stainless steel;
– independent work time – 50 min .;
– optional equipment – cleaning brush.

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